piepsdesign – now in hamburg

Piepsdesign was founded in Wellington, New Zealand. Now we settled down in Hamburg, Germany. Share the experience of our journey.

05-2011. 1.05 min.
piepsdesign – now in Hamburg. 2d illustration and 2d animation by Sarah Weidig. pieps.

the whale

Whales breathe through blowholes; these are located on top of the head, allowing the animal to remain mostly submerged whilst breathing. Breathing involves expelling excess water from the blowhole, forming an upward spout, followed by [...] pieps.

07-2010. 16 sec.
the whale – pieps. 3d illustration and 3d animation by Sarah Weidig. pieps.

Chirp Chirp

what ever

..pieps likes or wants to show you will appear here.


The Notwist

The Notwist – Kong